HCSS now has a website!

First published on February 25 of 2019, the Harvard Colombian Student Society’s website is a project of the 2018-2019 HCSS Board. Led by the Social Affairs Vice-President Melissa Naranjo, the design of this site aims to strengthen the Harvard Colombian Student Society’s faculty to be a platform for past, current and future Colombian professionals that become part of Harvard’s community.

For the Board of HCSS, it’s a tool to recognize possible partnerships and exchanges of knowledge; identify and acknowledge ongoing work made by our members here and abroad, and support in general your personal and professional projects.

We expect that under future administrations, the site will transform and adjust to the ambitions of the Colombian community at Harvard. Finally, we hope that every member will find the best way to participate and use this space for their projects.

Best wishes,

2018-2019 Board Members