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Jose Luis Ramírez Herrán

Jose Luis Ramirez Herran is a Software Engineer and Educator. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, a Master in Information Technology from Harvard University, and a Programming the Internet of Things (IOT) Specialization.

He currently teaches Python, Numerical Analysis with Matlab, Wearable devices and Sensor Data and ML, Wearable Devices and Computer Vision, Autonomous Navigation and AI. Finally, he serves as theses director for the ALM programs in technology and digital media at Harvard.

Achievements: In Colombia he was one of the pioneers on the use of Finite Elements in mechanical engineering, and the first on implementing digital technologies for the physics labs. At Harvard he received the prize for outstanding thesis in Information Technology.

He has been part of crucial projects on:

• Cyber-security for the electrical infrastructure industry.

• Digital visualization tools for strategic urban and university planning.

• 3D scanning, body shape and pose estimation for the fashion industry.

Jose has lived in North and South America as well as Scandinavia. On his personal time he enjoys diving, dancing, practicing karate, biking, traveling, and spending time with family.

Harvard Affiliation / Current Practice

  • Harvard Extension School

    Master in IT

Research and Professional