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Nicole Hod

Nicole Hod is a Master of Public Administration (MPA) 2019 at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and a Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership (CPL).

Nicole has a comprehensive international experience in social innovation, international development and philanthropy. Nicole studied Political Science at NYU and has worked for Foundations and grassroots organizations in the US, Latin America and Israel.

Through her work at the leading nonprofit management consulting firm Compartamos con Colombia (CCC), Nicole led holistic transformative capacity building processes to dozens of grassroots NGOs throughout Colombia. She also designed the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of multinationals, focusing on generating social/environmental impact throughout the value chain.

In 2009, Nicole and her family moved to Israel. She was immediately engaged with Sidreh, a Bedouin women’s organization, where she contributed to the empowerment and socio- economic development of over 70 Bedouin women in Israel’s Negev desert.

In 2013, Nicole co-founded ANU-Making Change. ANU enables thousands of change-makers to effectively advocate for Israel’s most critical socio-economic issues through the power of technology, strategic communications and community organizing. Nicole spearheaded 9 high-profile public advocacy campaigns to promote economic justice, environmental sustainability, gender equality, early childhood education and minority integration in Israel.

Harvard Affiliation / Current Practice

  • Harvard Kennedy School

    Masters in Public Administration 2019

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