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Andrés Gómez-Liévano

Interested in technological innovation and economic development. Specialized on how urbanization affects socioeconomic outcomes. Done research developing theories of economic diversification, investigating how diversification happens and how it affects economic growth. Involved with the Cities, Scaling and Sustainability research group at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico. Currently working at the Growth Lab at the Center for International Development. Participated in the development of the Atlases of Economic Complexity for Colombia and Mexico, which are both online free tools for local governments and entrepreneurs that help them map paths for productive diversification. Professional experience in financial risk analysis. International consultant. PhD in Applied Mathematics, MS in Industrial Engineering, BS in Physics. Proficient in statistics, probability theory, network analysis, stochastic modeling, machine learning and systems thinking. Fluent in R, Python, Mathematica and Stata. Looking forward to keep applying quantitative tools and scientific thinking to the fostering of urban economic development.

Harvard Affiliation / Current Practice

  • Harvard Kennedy School

    Postdoctoral fellow 2019

Research and Professional


@GomezLievano andres_gomez@hks.harvard.edu