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Laura Méndez

As a Primary Care Physician (PCP), I’ve worked with the Central Military Hospital of Colombia at the Emergency Room (ER). I had the opportunity to improve the patient’s waiting time since they arrive to the hospital to the moment they receive medical attention by the PCP. Also I generated a statistical tool to identify the most prevalent and incident diagnosis at the ER, with further benefit for the analysis of other important variables on medical efficiency. Furthermore, I participated as a co-author in a study designed to evaluate the incidence of constipation as a leading cause of abdominal pain on consultation to the emergency room among pediatrics population, aim to recognize and propose an appropriate medical approach. Regarding my academic research endeavors, I worked with the Insight Group at the Country Clinic of Colombia in how to apply math and physics to medicine. In that group I started my researcher life. In those years, I learned different physics theories and how to apply it in different medical areas, such as cardiology, neurology and gynecology. Actually I am working at SAFE lab as postdoctoral research fellow. This laboratory is conducting a clinical trial where it looks for the long term effects of intranasal insulin in people with diabetes on cognition and memory.

Harvard Affiliation / Current Practice

  • Harvard Medical School

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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